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Colon Cleansing is a proven method to revitalize a toxic body. It can be beneficial in relieving constipation, intestinal gas or bloating, poor digestion, bad breath, coated tongue, asthma/congestion, nausea, body odor, menstrual problems and allergies.

Over the past twenty-five years, I have developed my own special wisdom about health and well-being. I hold certifications in Counseling, Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Health Education. I've been offering better health through colon cleansing for 18 years. I've carefully guided hundreds of clients who feel comfortable and relaxed in my private, discreet, office. For your safety, I use the latest hygienic equipment with all disposable components.

Before any colonic I discuss the purpose for this gentle and energizing therapy. During the session, I'll explain both the process and the results. Feel safe, comfortable and cared for. Place yourself in my capable hands.

Located in downtown Santa Cruz, California.

I encourage you to ask questions. If you are wondering about the irrigation procedure, feel free to call at 831.425.7088, or send me an email at yonette2@yahoo.com.

If you are curious about colonic hydrotherapy, I'm happy to talk with you. Both women and men are welcome. Sessions take about an hour by appointment only and can be purchased in a series of three or individually. For more information, visit my frequently asked questions.


Brand new DoTolo equipment is used in all Colon Cleansing Sessions. This equipment is safe, reliable and efficient. It's design features makes it the most advanced instrument available today. All components are disposable.



Nutritional Counseling and Health Education included in all sessions. Fees for a series of three (in one week): $210. For individual sessions: $75 per visit.



By appointment only

Please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations.




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